noblechairs Royal EPIC Series Electric Race Chair Product Review|noblechairs德國EPIC系列頂級電競椅 體驗分享


Noblechairs EPIC Series was officially dubbed the Best Gaming Chair by the European Hardware Awards in 2017. Despite not being a big gamer myself, I was impressed by the immediate aesthetic appeal of the chair. Although the EPIC chair has a classic gamer seat build, it does not look like it was created exclusively for people who play videogames. The seat has a nice shape to it and a sophisticated style that allows the chair to fit in well in an office environment.
Noblechairs EPIC系列被評為歐洲2017年最佳電競椅. 儘管自己不是電競玩家,還是馬上受到椅子美麗的外表吸引。雖然椅子是玩家坐椅,但不像是只設計給玩家坐的。這椅子的的風格也很適合放在辦公室裡。

Noblechairs prides itself on producing chairs that have ergonomic designs and offer sublime comfort. Before testing the chair, my expectations were high in that the chair needed to be comfortable, supportive, and worth the price.

The first part of the chair that caught my attention was the material of the seat. Although noblechairs makes real leather versions of this chair, the seat that I tried was made of PU leather. PU leather is a vegan man-made material; however, the PU leather chosen for the chair looked and felt just like real leather. In addition, the PU leather on the chair is thick, which makes the chair more firm and comfortable. The material used for the chairs is also breathable, allowing the seat to not heat up quickly. The chair I tested also came with a head pillow and lumbar pillow, both of which added to the overall comfort of the chair.

The EPIC chair is reclinable and can be tilted from 90 degrees to 135 degrees. The seat also locks so I found that it remained stable no matter what position it was secured at. Personally, I love the support of this chair because it is ergonomically designed and offers constant back support that helps me maintain a healthy sitting posture when needed. Another special part of this chair is that the armrests are soft and adjustable, which I am sure is a helpful design for gamers who play on their laptops for a long duration. Depending on where I want to rest my elbows/arms, the armrests can be adjusted for height, positioning, and direction.
The Noblechairs Royal EPIC Series Electric Race Chair is in a higher price range, however, you pay for the quality that you receive back. My only comment is that the chair is a lot more stiff than most and may take some getting used to. Unlike many gaming chairs; however, the EPIC chair offers a supportive structure as well as a design that is both modern and mature.

by Lynne Chen